I lost it at "Pulp Fiction" (2024)

I lost it at "Pulp Fiction" (1)

Pulp Fiction

quickly jumped to the top of the pile and I wasn’t old enough to understand what was driving the story along. I just knew I liked it. Hell, I loved it. My sister snuck me to the movies for my birthday present. It wasn’t so much of a present as it was a peace offering. I had caught her sneaking in late one night and her taking me to see Pulp Fiction was the deal I proposed so I wouldn’t have to tell Mom. There was never a conversation of me being old enough or mature enough. Since I said that is what I wanted to watch she knew there was no chance for negotiating. Another reason I requested this is because I knew her friend Jamie would most likely go with us, and any chance to see Jamie was one I took. My mother was gone on one of her weekend drill trips with the Reserve so the opportunity had opened itself up more. My mother tried desperately to keep “good” books and movies in front of us. I had to watch The Simpsons at a friend’s house. We secretly had HBO thanks to my older sister. I would sneak out of bed late at night and drape a blanket over the television and myself to capture all the light and watch Tales from the Crypt. I knew if I could handle the spooky Crypt Keeper that I could handle a little blood and cursing. We had to go to Alexandria’s theater because the Church of God had members that owned Anderson’s Cineplex and they never showed the movies that had the good stuff. Alexandria was so small a town that my sister didn’t even have to pay for me. She said she got stuck babysitting last minute so they let me in for free. I had no idea what to expect. I figured a few people would get shot. There would be a good deal of strong language and it would just be an awesome gangster film. Boy was I wrong. Growing up in corn country in the middle of Indiana had quite a bit of boredom to it. Pulp Fiction flipped my world upside down. I had expected a gangster film like Reservoir Dogs, a whodunit type of story reflection that made Tarantino different than the rest. What I didn’t expect was a film where I as a kid would hang on every word of dialogue and that the film would include every element I sought out in my usual movie goings. Harrison Ford, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood had built my sense of what a hero was. Tarantino turned that idea on its head. Pulp Fiction didn’t have a hero like all the other movies. There was no right and wrong. There was just doing. From the moment when Samuel L. Jackson recites the verse from Ezekiel I was all in. I was dipping my toes in before that. I could feel the attitude of the movie coming on, but I wasn’t sure if it would hold. I have always had to be captured by a film. Pulp Fiction didn’t just capture me, it tied me to a chair and danced in front of me and cut my ear off. It had my attention and I was along for the ride. My sister didn’t say a word to me the whole movie. I didn’t even glance at her friend I usually drooled over like some cartoon character. I sat there with eyes locked on the screen, silent. Then Marvin lost his head. I lost my sense. I couldn’t stop laughing. Not just chuckling, but the bellied over laughing. This was the kind of laughter that shakes the whole body. I was a chubby kid so it was more of a jiggle than a shake. I had gotten it under control until Samuel L. and John Travolta arrived with their bloody car to see if their friend could help them and he berates them about whether or not he has a sign that says “dead nigg*r storage.” I started laughing on top of the already suppressed laughter. Luckily this time more people realized that maybe this movie wasn’t to be taken too seriously and I wasn’t alone in my chuckling. I will never forget the first time I watched Pulp Fiction. It showed what a movie could be if the director was willing to take it there. It also showed me that someone can get there head blown off in a comedic fashion. Maybe all the blood added to the comedic value rather than the gore factor. I’m not quite sure. I just know it was funny.

- William McCormick


I lost it at "Pulp Fiction" (2024)


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